Ekke Sööt

Scope of work

  • Implementation of changes
  • Development of organizational culture (including occupational safety and safety culture)
  • Development of managers and teams
  • Responsible business and sustainability

Ekke’s motto as a consultant:

„As a consultant my aim is to help customers achieve greater clarity, dedication and effectiveness in implementing actual changes. The only way to do it well is to cooperate with the customer“.

Ekke has been working as a business management consultant for more than seven years, helping many organizations in various human resource development projects and implementing changes. For the last nine years, Ekke has been in a manager’s role himself. He has furthered his education as a consultant in England and Scandinavia. Ekke also holds a DiSC consultant license and the fourth level professional consultant’s certificate.

Education: MSc Environmental Policy and Change, Oxford University (Master’s dissertation on organizational change management)

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