Coaching for the manager and management team

The majority of the working time of managers is spent on dealing with various everyday problems: analyzing information, selecting of best working method, finding necessary resources, identifying the causes of failure, resolving conflicts and so on. Performing these tasks would be more effective if managers would occasionally stop and look at the situation from a different angle, set clearer targets and seek more unique solutions to problems. This requires a different focus and use of different coaching techniques.

We will offer a suitable coach or mentor who will work with your manager/managers/team. A good coach will help you find the right questions that the manager or the team must first find the answers to.

Ask yourself:

  • What are the key challenges that your managers and teams face?
  • What are the employees expecting most from their managers?
  • How can we strengthen the necessary skills and qualities of the managers?

Looking for answers to these questions, or you have question of your own?

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