Development of a learning organization

The concept of a learning organization was introduced by Peter Senge, who outlined five principles that these organizations have in common::

  • personal mastery
  • mental models
  • team learning
  • shared vision and values
  • systemic thinking

We support our customers in creating a learning organizational culture, designing learning and teaching processes and developing employees with regard to the relevant skills (training, mentoring, coaching, dialogue techniques).

Ask yourself:

  • Is learning and sharing knowledge a common practice in our organization?
  • How consistently do we engage in development activities in order to be sustainable and competitive in the changing world?
  • How is the teaching and learning process organized? Are they effective and apply to all employees?
  • What is the preparedness and desire of managers and employees in our organization to develop others, and do they have the necessary skills?

Looking for answers to these questions, or you have question of your own?

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