Appropriate working environment and culture

Organizational culture is commonly understood as intra-organizational agreements on “how we do things“ : how do we interact with each other and with customers, how do we make decisions and give feedback, etc. Culture must support the mission and achievement goals in the organization.

Culture is always there, even if we do not talk about it or have not formulated it clearly. However, if we want to tread the same path and reduce inefficiency arising from cultural entropy, it is reasonable and necessary to consciously shape the organizational culture.

Assessing organizational culture

We carry out qualitative studies to assess the organizational culture and prevalent subcultures.

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Formulating values

Employees often choose organizations according to the organizational culture – is this an organization, where I can operate and do what I value myself?

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Communication of values

Once the organization has formulated its core values, they must be communicated to all employees.

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Implementation of values

Once values are communicated to all employees, they have to gain ground in the organization’s everyday life.

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Development of safety culture

We will help your company to successfully develop a culture of safety by increasing employee involvement and responsibility regarding this matter.

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Development of corporate social responsibility

Our experience has shown that successful organizations are the ones that have made CSR as part of their corporate DNA.

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Value-based management training

Organizational culture change starts with the managers. They are the role models in complying with the values, but this alone is not enough.

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