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We support organizations to succeed in their every change challenge

You may have wondered what makes some change initiatives succeed when others fail. Why is change so hard, and why do people often resist or feel disengaged in the process? Why are old habits and culture so hard to break, and why do they seem to recreate themselves whether or not you want them to? Changes happen every day, and they often go unnoticed. But if we want to consciously manage change, it is important to know where to go and how to do it.

Good strategy or a plan alone is not enough, unless you manage to create a culture that supports this change through everyday behavior. People need to not only understand and accept the change, but also to have the competences, right attitudes and behavior that support it.

One question may lead to a big change – dialogue and engagement are the tools through which implementation of any change is more successful. Good dialogue is like nerve cells to the brain; it sets things in motion and allows creating shared understanding and engagement. Dialogue helps to create alignment across the organization to a shared vision, alignment of hearts and minds.

Wherever you are with your changes today, we want to help you carry out dialogues so that you could achieve your change goals.

We bring to our customers

Long-term experience and extensively tested methods – we have worked with leading organizations both in private and public sectors and gained practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in implementing successful change..

Complete approach to change that deals with all three aspects of change – strategy, processes and people/culture. Our unique approach and tools allow us to focus equally on developing skills, attitudes and behavior that are prerequisites for success.

Strong international partners – we are the Baltic partner to the leading Scandinavian consulting company Implement Consulting Group, whose more than 500 consultants work with change projects all over the world – we have access to their world-class methodology and consulting experience. We are also a licensed partner for the globally renowned development tools providers Wiley (DiSC) and Persona Global.


Lina Mieliauskienė


Lina has over 15 years of experiences as a consultant, working with both local and international large and medium-sized companies. She is a certified expert of DiSC, C.A.R.E, Work Expectations and Time Mastery (Wiley). Additionally, she has a coach’s license and she is a master of laughter yoga.

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Lukas Mackevičius


Lukas has more than 10 years successful experience in helping various size organizations to grow their businesses.

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Mati Sööt


Mati has extensive training and experience in the development of the organization and management. He has 25 years of experience as a consultant and a management expert, a trainer and coach for adults in the Baltic States and beyond.

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Ekke Sööt


Ekke has been working as a business management consultant for more than seven years, helping many organizations in various human resource development projects and implementing changes.

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Heili Sõmer

Heili SõmerCONSULTANT (Estonia)

Heili advises clients on developing and implementing strategies, developing organizational culture and management systems.

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Natali Happonen


As a consultant Natali values every person’s right to develop both professionally as well as individually.

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Aris Meilands


Aris has worked as a trainer since 2007, and he obtained the DiSC consultant’s certificate in 2008.

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Dmitri Volov


Dmitri has been working as a trainer and a consultant since 2002.

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Jari Kukkonen

Jari KukkonenCONSULTANT (Estonia)

Jari has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and trainer of leadership, innovation, process management and quality.

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Ekke Sööt

CEO (Estonia)


Aris Meilands

CEO (Latvia)

Maris Sööt

Development Specialist (Estonia)


Viktorija Martinkėnaitė



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