Partner, consultant

Lukas Mackevičius

Areas of expertise

  • Change management
  • Stress and wellness management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Strategic management
  • Management coaching
  • Sales development
  • Development and implementation of SOP’s

LinkedIn profile

Tel. +370 652 91915

Lukas’ motto as a consultant:

“Stress is energy, and like any other form of energy, it can be live-giving or deadly. Therefore, as a consultant, during organizational change, I focus on directing this energy in a way, which increases work satisfaction and engagement!”

Lukas has more than 10 years’ successful experience in business consulting, people development and strategic management, both in private and public sectors, he is a certified stress and wellness management consultant (Canadian Institute of Stress, Canada), personal development coach (CoachU, USA), facilitator of strategy sessions (“True Value 4U”, Norway).

Education:  Applied Economics and Finance, M. Sc., Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

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