Lina Mieliauskienė

Scope of work

  • Implementation of changes
  • Development of organizational culture
  • Development of managers and teams
  • Development of sales skills and systems
  • Coaching, engagement, motivation

Lina’s motto as a consultant:

“My aim is to find the right tools and methodologies that help bring out a person’s talents and make him or her shine brightly.”

Lina has over 15 years of experiences as a consultant, working with both local and international large and medium-sized companies. She is a certified expert of DiSC, C.A.R.E, Work Expectations and Time Mastery (Wiley). Additionally, she has a coach’s license and she is a master of laughter yoga.
Lina draws energy from helping managers to change their organizational culture, aligning their mission with everyday activities. Her role in leadership projects is usually to clear up the air and to help managers get a clear focus on their priorities and agree about the full engagement.

Education: Vilnius University of Education, Bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology

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