Heili Sõmer

Scope of work

  • Strategic management of the organization
  • Development of a value-based organization
  • Designing a learning organization
  • Assessment of the competence of managers and development planning
  • Coaching
  • Implementation of changes

Heili’s motto as a consultant:

„Organizations do not change, it’s people that change. The outside world reflects our inner world, and big changes around us begin with small changes within us. As a consultant I encourage managers to grow and to be genuine. It’s not necessary to do everything right, but to just be natural and to take the reality into account.“

Heili advises clients on developing and implementing strategies, developing organizational culture and management systems. She has worked with the largest organizations in Estonia in both private and public sector. She started working as an organizational consultant in 2001. Since 2009, Heili has been a member of the Estonian Qualifications Authority and the Estonian Consultants’ Association. Heili’s previous work experience comes from the IT-sector, where she worked as an analyst, middle and senior manager.

Education: Tallinn University of Technology,  economics and information technology

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