Development of safety culture

Corporate success stories show that the right leadership and effective safety culture are the key factors that determine whether the number of accidents can be reduced. Occupational safety is not only about using personal safety equipment, it is much more than that. Everyone in the company should take responsibility for complying with safety rules and ensuring safety in the workplace. In other words, we must create a culture of safety that is based on openness, involvement and continuous improvement.
Together with our Scandinavian partner we have developed a unique method (Safety Dialogue Map) for the development of safety culture and increasing the involvement of employees.

Safety Dialogue Map is:

  • a learning tool in a format of board game that allows your organization to carry out a systematic discussion about occupational safety with your employees and to create a culture of safety where accidents are prevented by shared responsibility and mutual care, not by commands and restraints
  • specific to your business, i.e. comprises occupational safety-related exercises tailored to your company
  • participants work in groups of 4–6. Map can be played with one or more groups, or in a large forum where several hundred employees can be involved.  All participants are actively involved during the game

Ask yourself:

  • How can I prevent the next accident at work?
  • Why do employees often ignore safety rules?
  • What makes the employees take more responsibility and how can we develop a culture of safety in an engaging manner?


Look video example here

Looking for answers to these questions, or you have question of your own?

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