Engagement and motivation of people

People’s motivation is the key to achieving the best results. Studies have shown that highly motivated employees are up to four times more effective in their work. It is important to find how to trigger people’s intrinsic motivation in your organization, and managers have a key role to play here.

We support managers upon deploying effective motivating and engaging strategies through different training and counselling formats. We have also developed unique dialogue methods to involve people in any change process. Our experience has shown that people are happier to come along with ideas and innovations are better implemented when employees at different levels have been effectively involved in developing the ideas and innovation plans. People support the creation of which they are themselves were involved in.

Read about motivating employees  here.

Ask yourself:

  • What would happen to our organization’s performance if the commitment of employees increased significantly?
  • How committed are our employees today, and how do managers support the growth of dedication?
  • What was the result we recently achieved by engaging employees in the discussion of the development of the organization?
  • How could we engage people more effectively?

Looking for answers to these questions, or you have question of your own?

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