Dialogue Map – How to involve people in the organization's development processes?

Dialogue Map is a great tool for involving many people in a very short period of time. Picture the following:

  • The organization is divided into groups of 5 or 6 people. Each group sits around a large sheet of paper, which contains a number of issues and challenges. With the help of the Dialogue Map, the group works through important questions that are related to them and their work. They talk, discuss, prioritize, summarize and formulate for themselves the important thoughts and ideas.
  • Participants get new knowledge and a better understanding of the current situation of their organization and the direction they are moving in. Participants contribute to the ongoing development process with their own ideas and creativity. That kind of group action will not be a single event. It is often the start of something new that triggers the ongoing discussion and development of the organization within and between different levels. The Dialogue Map will also create a common concept of culture, which many people will refer to in the upcoming years.

Tips on how the Dialogue Map has been used in the change implementation phase:

  • to increase understanding and support of the new strategy and to learn about the thoughts and ideas of people with regard to the priorities
  • to develop a new values platform at the grassroots level, inviting all employees to contribute to it
  • to understand the new customer-centred approach in a sales company
  • to define and implement a new values platform and to increase the understanding of how it relates to the company and its vision
  • to understand why external factors necessitate having an entirely new business logic and how it affects the employees

Watch video sample here

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