LEAN game – How to create maximum value for the customer?

For many organizations, it may come as a surprise to learn how little we really focus on the activities that create real value for the customer. It is fairly common that what is rewarded in organizations is what is sometimes referred to as “busyness”. This phenomenon is often due to the fact that many organizations are not really clear on what actually should be done. The leadership also tends to be more focused on keeping people busy instead of ensuring that they deliver value for customers.

LEAN game helps to focus on creating value for the customer. Depending on the specific business challenges, the game is customized to highlight your company’s current challenges. The game is an engaging and profound simulation from the Great Britain using LEGO bricks.

LEAN game can also be used for team and culture building exercises. It helps to understand how much can be done without making huge investments, just by taking advantage of people’s ideas and putting a question mark on the current processes. Participants will get effective practical experiences on how to influence the process of change management in increasing organizational efficiency.

Lean game 2

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