Value Game – How to make changes in the attitudes of many people in one time?

Value Game is a playful format that helps to develop and introduce organizational culture.

It is a board game designed for organizations that is used to bind values into everyday activities. Its practical and playful form create an open and supportive atmosphere where people can express their ideas, views and doubts.

Value Game can be played both in small and large groups (up to 300 people divided into 5–6 member groups). It includes a game board, situations, cards and a die.

The core of the game are dilemmas created according to the values of each customer. In playing these out, people need to picture themselves in a particular situation and select one of the given options. All members share their selection with their teammates.

Value Game can be used for:

  • reminding the staff of the existing values
  • reviewing the existing values
  • checking the relevance of existing values
  • assessing  the alignment of the employees’ personal values with the organizational values
  • introducing organizational values and expected behavior to new employees
  • involving employees and improving cooperation

The game can be played as long as the dilemmas and values are relevant. Watch the video here.

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